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Discover the Benefits of Raised Flooring with Floors and Linen

In data center construction, a raised floor model entails the construction of a slightly elevated floor above the building’s original concrete slab floor. This design leaves an open space between the two floors, which serves as a pathway for wiring or cooling infrastructure. Raised floors are commonly implemented to accommodate data center equipment. By creating this elevated platform, data centers can optimize their layout and facilitate efficient installation and maintenance of critical infrastructure. Moreover, the raised floor configuration allows for enhanced airflow and temperature regulation, contributing to the overall efficiency and performance of the data center environment.

Looking to enhance the Raised flooring in your commercial spaces?

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Look no further than the exceptional raised flooring solutions offered by Floors and Linen, your trusted supplier in Dubai. Specializing in premium flooring options for businesses and hospitality establishments, we provide a diverse range of choices tailored to meet your specific requirements.

So, what makes raised flooring the ideal choice? Well, its flexibility, ease of installation, and robust construction set it apart. At Floors and Linen, we understand the significance of selecting the perfect flooring solution for your area. Raised flooring offers unmatched versatility and performance, whether you need to route cables, improve ventilation, or achieve a polished and professional appearance.

However, maintaining your raised flooring is essential to ensure its durability and functionality. Here are some practical tips from Floors and Linen to help you preserve your raised flooring:

  • Utilize the appropriate tools: When accessing the space beneath the raised flooring, use lifters or other suitable tools to prevent surface damage.
  • Avoid heavy impact: Refrain from jumping or using heavy machinery directly on the raised flooring surface to maintain its integrity and anti-static properties.
  • Protect against heavy loads: For exceptionally heavy equipment, consider installing a solid steel structure beneath the raised flooring to distribute weight evenly.
  • Handle equipment with care: When relocating equipment, lift it instead of pushing it directly on the surface to prevent scratches and harm.
  • Clean regularly: Keep the flooring clean by using a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth, and take care to avoid spills to prevent damage to wiring and equipment underneath.
  • Apply anti-static wax: Maintain the surface of the flooring by regularly applying anti-static wax, ensuring long-term durability and performance.
Why choose Floors and Linen?

As a premier supplier of raised flooring solutions in Dubai, we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and service to our clients. With a focus on providing top-notch products at wholesale rates, we offer unbeatable value for businesses and hospitality establishments throughout the UAE.


For superior flooring solutions that elevate your space and surpass your expectations, trust Floors and Linen as your go-to supplier. Contact us today to explore our flooring options and discover how we can fulfill your unique needs.

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