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Transform Your Space with Carpet Tiles for Homes & Offices Dubai, UAE

Exciting colors with impressive renders to elevate the flooring experience at your Commercial Spaces and Office.

We guarantee Supreme Quality product of Carpet Tile as it comes with Extruded PVC Backing & Reinforced Fiber Glass Layer to ensure better stability and Resilience to the floor.

100% Soluion Dyed Nylon-6 Carpet Tiles and PET Carpet Tiles are the two different ranges we offer.

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Residential Elegance: Transform your home with our exquisite residential carpet tiles. From cozy living rooms to serene bedrooms, our tiles add a touch of luxury and comfort to every corner, making your space truly remarkable.

Bulk and Wholesale: Whether you’re renovating a single room or working on a large-scale project, we offer competitive bulk and wholesale rates. 

Commercial Brilliance: Enhance your business environments with our commercial-grade carpet tiles. Crafted to withstand high foot traffic and maintain their allure, our tiles ensure a lasting professional impression.

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Carpets offer long lasting and durable floors. Carpet tiles in Dubai are versatile and can be adapted to different environments. If you have an office, then it would be better to use carpet tiles. A carpet tile looks nicer in comparison with laminate floors which are easily damaged by clients or other people who walk on them every day. Carpet tiles would be an excellent choice for commercial places such as hotels or restaurants where heavy foot traffic occurs every day.

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Discover the world of versatile and stylish flooring with Welspun's carpet tiles. Our range of carpet tiles offers the perfect solution for both residential and commercial spaces, combining durability with innovative design. Create the ambiance you desire with Welspun carpet tiles - where comfort meets aesthetics.

Discover the Perfect Carpet Tiles in Dubai for Your Space

Transform your floors with the elegance and versatility of carpet tiles in Dubai. At Floors and linen, we offer a stunning collection of high-quality carpet tiles that effortlessly blend style, durability, and functionality. Whether you’re revamping your office, hotel, retail space, or any commercial setting, our carpet tiles are the perfect choice to elevate your interiors.

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Durability that Withstands the Test of Time

Invest in flooring that not only looks exceptional but also stands up to the demands of high-traffic areas. Our carpet tiles are crafted using premium materials, ensuring outstanding durability and resilience. With superior stain resistance and wear performance, they maintain their pristine appearance even in the busiest environments, making them a wise long-term investment.

Unleash Your Design Creativity

With an extensive range of colors, patterns, and textures, our carpet tiles provide limitless design possibilities. Create a professional and welcoming atmosphere with sophisticated neutrals, make a bold statement with vibrant hues, or opt for timeless patterns that exude elegance. Our wide selection ensures you’ll find the perfect match for your unique vision.


Easy to Maintain

Experience the convenience of easy maintenance with Nature 2.0 carpet tiles, keeping your space beautiful with minimal effort.


Step with confidence - Nature 2.0 carpet tiles offer a non-slip surface for enhanced safety and comfort. Contact us for more details.


Safeguard your space with Nature 2.0 carpet tiles - fire-resistant for added peace of mind. We are concerned for your safety. Enquire us.

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